Customer Loyalty Rewards

Blizm is managing development of an AWS cloud based system that mediates retailer point of sale transactions with customer loyalty program providers. The Blizm team introduced, agile and Jira, continuous integration with AWS OpsWorks while delivering a certified solution ahead of schedule.

Online Publishing

Blizm is engaged with a prominent online publisher migrating content and search, licensing, usage tracking and many other crucial services from a legacy licensed system to a custom service oriented system built on the AWS cloud platform. Development technologies include Java, Python/Django, Angularjs, Hadoop, Cassandra, Solr as well as the full spectrum of AWS services (S3, SNS/SQS, ELB, DDB, Route 53, etc.)

Cloud-based Identity Management

Blizm managed all software development aspects of the “2.0” version of a cloud based SSO Identity management service. The requirements of the “2.0” initiative include multi-protocol support (SAML, SAML2, CAS, Oauth and OpenID), Single Logout, multi-tenancy support with separate deployment/runtime life-cycles, customer self provisioning, and more. At project onset, Blizm conducted an architecture scoping exercise to establish architectural cornerstones, which included open source technology research and evaluation. Research led to discovery of JOSSO, a Java/OSGI (Karaf) based open source, multi-protocol single sign-on solution. Leveraging JOSSO will significantly shorten time to market and, obviously, reduce development cost substantially.

Vehicle Multi-point Inspection

Blizm resurrected and modernized a 10+ year old J2EE 1.3 / EJB2 enterprise system for an automotive systems supplier. The system assists auto dealerships with the vehicle maintenance process and integrates with OEMs and dealer management systems. Modernization updates included transition from J2EE 1.3 to JEE 5 with EJB3, replaced EJB2 bean managed persistence with JPA 2.0 and introduced JAXB plus Spring Web Services for integration with dealer management systems. Anticipated enhancements include a new UI framework.

Trading Systems Reconciliation

Blizm partners worked with several Wall Street banks to assist with the process of reconciling trading systems data with backend accounting systems. What eventually emerged from these bank initiatives was an adaptable, scalable rule based reconciliation engine. The JEE based reconciliation system leveraged many open source frameworks including Seam (JSF/UI), RichFaces (JSF/UI), Spring (including Spring Batch), Hibernate and the Drools rule engine.

eMortgage Platform

Blizm architected and designed an enterprise system to process electronic mortgages through the entire lifecycle from electronic document creation, execution of digital signatures, to registration and transfers through the industry-standard MERS eRegistry. Blizm members took an active role establishing industry standards for electronic mortgage documents and their lifecycle while creating a groundbreaking platform from scratch leveraging open source frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, Apache XML Security for Java in addition to a complete Public-key Infrastructure implementation.